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Дворецкий,Юсупов. Атака и защита

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Атака и защита

The book you have before you is the fifth and final volume in the series 'School for Budding Chess Champions', based on material from the Dvoretsky/Yusupov school for gifted young chess players.

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Yusupov and I saw our role as that of stimulating the young players' further development; helping them to come to terms with themselves, with their own strengths and weaknesses; formulating plans for the future; discussing the problems they faced at the chessboard, and the means of overcoming them; pointing out the basic policies and methods for perfecting their chess. That was all. It was not an immense amount, but it was not negligible either. The students' results confirm that this was the right approach, and that as a whole we performed our task successfully. Among other things, it was at a session of our school that Peter Svidler was advised by me to turn to Lukin for assistance.

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