Название1001 Dedly checkmates
1001 Dedly checkmates

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1001 Dedly checkmates

Some time ago I wrote a little book called How to Beat Your Dad at Chess, which explains, in very simple terms, the most basic checkmate patterns. Little did I imagine how popular this book would become. Subsequently, many readers have asked for a followon book, with additional checkmate puzzles to solve. A sort of How to Beat Your Dad Workbook if you like, where solving the positions reinforces and expands your checkmate pattern-recognition.

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I am therefore delighted to recommend this superb new book, 1001 Deadly Checkmates, written by John Nunn, my long-time friend and colleague. John has done six months of original research to find the instructive checkmate positions for this book, and the selection of puzzles is simply outstanding. As well as being able to practise old favourites - like back-rank mates and standard queen sacrifices - you will also learn many new and advanced patterns. Studying these 1001 checkmates will automatically enable you to recognize similar possibilities time and again in the future. This is exactly the thinking technique that top chess masters use, when they so effortlessly launch their devastating attacks.

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